Vaguely Art like byproduct

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Above you will hear a man conversing with Duke Nukem. You will question why you didn’t shut it off sooner. You will not come to any new understandings.

edit: Sorry about the link rather than the fancy graphic, I’ll fix it as soon as I’m able.


ART SHIT: this is garbage

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Check ‘um:

These are like, some of my first endeavors (oh yeah) into flash, man. It was an interesting experience that I’ll probably (most likely) follow up on in the future with something possibly remotely decent. Anythings possible, right?

Video Art Project

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Wanna see some art shit or something involving video almost? You do!?

Wait, where are you going?

Some more dumb art stuff or something!?

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Sam and Sam Mugo-whatever-I-dunno


The Confusion of Progress

A guy came to us, Painted Completely blue

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But he didn’t have the want; so we sent him away. Far away. Into the mountains.

You like shoes don’t you?

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Look at that sexy thing

Can they show that!?

Sorry man, we’re like, out of shoes.

Impossible Doggy Geometries

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Dog, with ovals